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When I was a child, Grandma would always frown on us using any chemicals or plastic. "This is no good, it polutes the fields", she would say. Anything that could not be turned into compost was no good. I still remember sneaking some detergents into washing and feeling rather guilty about them. At the tender age of five, I already knew that water with deretgents was not suitable for the vegetable garden.

All food in Grandma's home was organic even before we knew the word "organic". The idea was to eat simple food, low-processed and as fresh as possible. Milk would always turn sour on day two. Mayonaise would only last two days. I remember how horrified I was to discover years later, when I lived in London, that mayo can be kept on the table for weeks. "That must be stuffed with preservatives like a Christmas turkey", I thought.

At school, every excercise book had a big sign on it's back cover: "Save Trees - Recycle Paper". Every year there was a paper-recycling competition at school. The class that collected most recyclable paper, got substantial donation for their school trip.

I miss the cleanness and simplicity of those days. Although I incredibly enjoy the buzz of living in Sydney, I feel guilty every time I get rid of something that the Earth will not naturally absorb and recycle.

Over the last couple of years, together with my family and a growing circle of eco-friends, we have been gradually making our ways greener. What an enjoyable journey it has been!

Join us on this journey to greener and healthier life.

I invite you to join Greener Me.

Send us your stories and links, share them with your friends, invite your friends to join Greener Me.

Take care,
Bozena and Greener Me Friends

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